I do Vuh’Do

And I think that you should do vuh’do too.  If Vuh’do is new to you, don’t be blue, we can teach you.

Enough of that.

Like grid, it’s taking a bit of configuring to get it doing what I want, but I’m finding that it handles by itself what I was using Grid with like 7 grid addons + clique to do.

Used it for tonigt’s Ulduar (http://www.wowmeteronline.com//combat/log/707406) and I was pleased.  Further analysis when it’s not after midnight.  I’ve got a big meeting tomorrow.

New Hardware

My laser G7 mouse konked out recently.  Though I love how it handles it’s power, with swappable rechargable battery packs that can be swapped mid-boss without too much downtime, as they age (about 2 years on average) I’ve found they got flakey.  They’d stop working for a few seconds at a time, which just drove me crazy.

So I decided to switch to a wired mouse.  BUT I wanted to put my hands on them before I bought one.  I called Staples, Gamestop and Best Buy and only Best Buy had a good selection.

My finalists:

Sadly the G9x, my front runner was out of stock, and I won’t spend $100 on on a mouse without touching it first.  The G5 was fine but didn’t really jump out at me.  The WoW mouse just felt like I wouldn’t be able to hit all the extra buttons I was paying for.

In the end I settled on the Death Adder as it fit my hand well and had an extra thumb button that I’m putting to good use.  I’ll post my button setup later.

10 Man Ulduar, with New Mods!

Did my first 10 man Ulduar (WoW Meter Online stats here), and I had some new toys to test.

I read BobTurkey’s blog entry on Power Aura’s Classic and, halle … hallelu … how the heck do you spell that … Yippee!  There we go.  Anyway.  It’s exactly what I was looking for to nudge myself to PoM more.

I plan to test out VuhDo that I think Matticus mentioned in an earlier blog when I get the chance, but one mod at a time.

Going to re-join my holiday weekend, already in progress:

  • Fri=Dinner with the GF and some relatives to celebrate her Master’s thesis completion
  • Sat=Changeling LARP
  • Sun=Celebration of friend’s 12th wedding anniversary.  Wedding photos prove that I used to be thin.
  • Mon=Party to celebrate GF’s Master’s thesis


Oh, so I’m reaching for a movie quote in the title.

What I really want is my credit for the 3% raid damaged blocked by my Renewed Hope!

Let’s first assume that I keep this effect up, because, seriously, I cast PWShield quite a bit more often than every 20 sec.  So it’s up if I am.

Some quick math based on the ‘Damage Taken’, I can make a rough estimate that my Renwed Hope 3% damage reduction prevented 2 million damage.

Say it with me … with the doctor evil accent … two … million damage.

2 mil damage unaccounted for raises my effective healing to around 11 million damage.

That’s a significant amount of ‘healing’, it’s 100% efficient and basically costs me nothing.

More importantly, as it serves to fan my ego, this puts my effective healing somewhere around 15%, keeping pace with my paladin cousins.

So, Disc Believers, don’t forget to factor in your Renewed Hope ‘effective healing’ when you look at your numbers.  It can be quite significant!

Ahh, the holy grail is in sight!

I’m extremely excited about WoW Meter Online.  I uploaded my combatlog (same way you do with WWS), and I’ve taken a few moments to look at the data.  I’m extremely pleased with how they’re reporting Shield and Aegis.  I choose to assume these numbers are reasonably accurate, largely because it pleases me to do so.

I’ve also downloaded the Recount prevention addon mentioned in an earlier post where I linked to … I think Matticus’ site?  I have yet to try that but I hope that it will give me some good on-the-fly numbers to help me adjust mid-raid.

Some of the data I’m definitely suprised by…

Our Druid, who is extremely talented, does roughly the same HPS as I do, he’s just vastly more efficient, with far less overhealng.  That may simply be the nature of HoT’s, but it’s worth looking at.

My overhealing is a bit ‘better’ than my Paladin ‘cousins’, but their HPS is much higher.

The question is, how do I become more efficient?

I’ve been entirely ignoring renew, I don’t even have it keybound anymore.  Is that wise?  I’m not so sure anymore.  Theorycrafting and then Live Testing to follow.

Oh, and I need to cast PoM more.  Will need to look into a mod to nudge me when my cooldowns finish in general.

WoW Meter Online, upload #1

Successful Attempts Only (you can upload unsuccessful attempts too, i’m just short on time)


And my stats in particular for all bosses




Great article on tools for evaluating Discipline Priests!

Ulduar WWS


Now … how the heck much did I shield!!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!??!

Total ↓ % Hits Hits% Avg Max Dots Avg Max Crit Crit% Avg Max Ovh%
Flash Heal v6gm4xgrron63?ab=48071 4 554 523 31 % 565 70 % 4 944 9 771

239 30 % 7 367 14 521 56 %
Penance v6gm4xgrron63?ab=52985 3 170 150 21 % 539 71 % 3 652 7 420

216 29 % 5 562 8 155 40 %
Prayer of Healing v6gm4xgrron63?ab=48072 2 846 823 19 % 332 66 % 4 802 6 044

174 34 % 7 198 8 414 50 %
Glyph of Power Word: Shield v6gm4xgrron63?ab=56160 1 599 524 11 % 823 80 % 1 403 1 994

210 20 % 2 118 2 990 42 %
Binding Heal v6gm4xgrron63?ab=48120 1 495 790 10 % 211 77 % 4 905 7 188

63 23 % 7 313 8 333 47 %
Prayer of Mending v6gm4xgrron63?ab=33110 664 313 5 % 120 73 % 3 577 4 949

44 27 % 5 340 6 063 22 %
Forethought Talisman v6gm4xgrron63?ab=60530 166 912 1 %

166 1 005 1 379

6 %
Divine Hymn v6gm4xgrron63?ab=64844 123 571 1 % 15 71 % 5 088 5 740

6 29 % 7 873 8 982
Greater Heal v6gm4xgrron63?ab=48063 105 439 1 % 7 78 % 10 687 14 268

2 22 % 15 312 15 359 87 %
Desperate Prayer v6gm4xgrron63?ab=48173 29 670 0 % 4 100 % 7 417 7 640

33 %
Renew v6gm4xgrron63?ab=48068 11 510 0 %

9 1 278 1 321

Master Healthstone v6gm4xgrron63?ab=47877 11 324 0 % 2 100 % 5 662 5 662

26 %
Holy Nova v6gm4xgrron63?ab=48076 4 712 0 % 1 50 % 1 835 1 835

1 50 % 2 877 2 877 100 %
Shadowfiend : Improved Leader of the Pack v6gm4xgrron63?ab=34299 2 020 0 %

3 673 679

33 %
Devouring Plague v6gm4xgrron63?ab=48300 570 0 % 6 100 % 95 100

100 %

Research lead me first to http://www.mmo-champion.com/index.php?action=printpage;topic=47146.0

And the answer seems to be … no, there’s not really a way.


However WWS still looks like a nicer way for me to share my healing other than recount…

Why all this math, then?

If I agree with those linked posts, why am I doing all of this math?

Well, apples to oranges is what recount really gives you, the way a lot of people use it.  That’s the problem I have with Recount.  (well, ok, ONE of the problems).  If anyone is looking at my recount effective healing and comparing my Disc Priest to it’s closest cousin (IMO), a Holy Paladin, they’re going to need to do some math to even get close to a fair comparison.

So, here are a few reasons that you WILL want to look at ‘the meters’

  1. Effective Healing and Theorycrafted Healing can be wildly different things.  If I see my HpM for Penance lower than my HpM of Flash Heal, I may want to look into why.
  2. No matter whether or not it’s a good idea, some people are going to judge you by your effective healing.  You do have options here:
    1. Show them some math to help them factor in your mitigation. (i.e. I should add X% to account for PWShield and Aegis)
    2. If educating them fails, Learn how to pad your numbers!

Now, some folks are going to poo-poo point 2.2 … padding your numbers.  Well … some people you just can’t educate.  Sometimes you just need to appease the morons.

Sure, if the boss is beat, everybody wins, regardless of numbers.

But I would argue that you should look at your Raid Seat the same way.  If you get to keep your seat, by padding your numbers, guess what … you’re still in Ulduar.

Thankfully, for me, the people I need to ‘impress’ in my guild aren’t morons.  But I’ll be trying to include info on padding your numbers for those of you with nitwit RL’s/CL’s/etc.

And, of course, I’ll also be focusing on that elusive bridge between theorycrafted numbers and what actually happens inside the instance.

That being said, tonight will be my first night evaluating my raid experience with WWS!  I’m definitely excited! :)