Strangest mod I Wouldn’t Want to do Without

My random Title capitolization Mod.

No, Seriously, it’s …

WiM - WoW Instant Messenger

Wait ... was that GJ to piloting my vehicle well or GJ to me autlooting like a noob?

Wait ... was that GJ to piloting my vehicle well or GJ to me autlooting like a noob?

I will miss your tell if I don’t have this mod on.  Period.

And that was BEFORE I started using it.

It plays a sound when I get a new IM, it keeps each person’s tells in it’s own little window, and it minimizes those windows in combat.

I loves it.


Stupid Troll Tricks

Just realized I did something that I haven’t mentioned here.

Any time I lay down a fish feast I plant my “Sen’jin Banner” from the Jousting Tourney in it.

Do do, de do do ... BannerFish ... do do do do ... theBannerFish!

Do do, de do do ... BannerFish ... do do do do ... theBannerFish!

I’ve found it helps people locate the fish feast.  Plus it has some Troll Style to it.

I used to use smoke flares but, well, the banner has infinite uses…

My UI … definitely ‘nosock’ :)

I subscribe to Matticus’s NoStockUI and I always love seeing folks UI’s.  So here’s mine…

Behold ... A screenshot edited in Paint!

Behold ... A screenshot edited in Paint!

Ok, and here are my markups:

  1. Deadly Boss Mod Bars.  Note that I placed them at the top of the screen, that way I can’t watch them easily.  This is dumb.  I just need to find a better place…
  2. Deadly Boss Mods notifications … placement is better, I actually see these sometimes.  Plus I don’t know how to move them.
  3. Elkano’s Buffbars.  Yes, there are 5… The 3 on the left are Raid Buffs (icon only), Everything not specified in another list goes to the right of that with bars and names, and the red are debuffs.  Note also that debuffs are far to the left so I can’t watch them.  Also dumb.  Self buffs and flasks and food are nicely located futher towards center, and then crucial buffs (like Borrowed Time) are almost dead center.
  4. Deadly Boss Mods again, boss health window.  Handy.
  5. Vuh’Do … smaller bars are the raid, bigger are the tanks.  I really dig this layout.
  6. Power Auras.  Reminding me when my cooldowns are available.  Notice that PoM notification is huge.  This may have been a bit overzealous…  I do love Power Auras though, and I’ve barely scratched the surface.
  7. Bartender bars.  How I love them.  Bar 1 being on the far left?  Dumb.  Lots of fun in vehicles.
  8. X-Perl UnitFrames.  I use target of target of target a lot.  Focus is not showing, but it’d be near the target frame. Slightly above it.  I do like the placing of these.
  9. Recount.  I usually keep it minimized because it makes me look bad. See the white bar down at the bottom?  That’s me.  Note: It doesn’t take ANY prevention into account. Boo!
  10. Carbonite.  I didn’t know this existed until it became free.  I used to use Questhelper.  I prefer Carbonite.

My chat windows at the bottom. Left is general crap, center is group, raid, guild, tells.  I’ve told Healer chat to go in there as well but IT WONT, WAHH.  Right is combatlog.

I do use WiM for tells but it isn’t showing up here.


Ok, so I was posting on WoMatticus and I finally get my luddite butt to check out how people customize their avatars in comments.

Perhaps I’m easily impressed, but … um … I’m impressed.

Easy to set up. So I’ve created a new admin user on my site and connected it to my gravitar.

Is the Silent Resolve Talent Worth It?

No. Article over.

Oh, my logic? Ok, fine…

As Disc a solid amount of our “healing” is actually prevention … and as such does not generate threat. We may well be generating half the threat that a holy priest does right out of the gate.

Once I dropped this talent I never looked back. Even in 5mans.

Dearth of Raiding

Brief pause in content, as I have no data to analyze. Last Sunday’s raid ended up being Naxx on my Druid … as DPS. Learned that I suck at druid DPS. :P Tueaday the servers were down.

I may post screenshots on my UI, simply to get SOME content up…

PoM Madness?????

Ok, so I’ve been using the cool /powa mod to remind me to cast PoM…

And I was looking at my stats on Word of Logs…

Specifically the log parsing…

I cast PoM 249 times … and it went off on 251 targets …

… I’m averaging 1 heal from each PoM I cast.

And I’m casting it on tanks, 228 of my 249 castings were on a tank.  And with a 3o second duration, I’d like to think that the tank should get hit in that time.

Average effective heal value was 3150.

H/M with those numbers is 6.1, and H/S is 2560.  And that’s pathetic, I get better numbers out of Flash Heal!

What the heck is going on here???

PoH vs PW:Shield vs Flash, Actual Use Numbers

Ok, so I used the log browser in World of Logs to snag me just my PoH data, and verified/combined it with the normal WoL screens.  Here’s some quick data:

  • 80 Casts
  • 373 ‘Hits’ (140 were Crits, 233 were normal hits)
  • Average 4.66 ‘Hits’ per cast
    • Average heal per ‘Hit’ was 2576
      • 2307 for 233 normal hits
      • 3023 for 140 crits
    • 1.7 ‘Hits’ were for 0 … total overheal
    • 2.9 ‘Hits’ did some actual healing
      • 4142 Average heal for the people I did NOT completely overheal
      • 1571 Average Overheal for the people I did NOT completely overheal
      • So, 73% of my healing on targets that were damaged was effective
    • In contrast, 45% of my healing on all ‘Hit’ targets was effective
  • 1854 Mana/Cast
  • 2.45 Sec/Cast with normal haste
  • 1.96 S/C with Borrowed Time

SO, on average, I would hit 3 targets for 4,150 apice, for a total heal of almost 12,500 (I am rounding quite a bit for ease of math) each time I cast PoH.

PoH then was giving me

  • 6.7 Health / Mana
  • 5081 Health / Second normally
  • 6352 Health / Second when using Borrowed Time

Now, PWShield (using Shield + Glyph averages) has an effective Heal+Prevention of 4153.  Cost is a demonic 666 mana, cast time can be assumed as 1 sec since it always gives it’s GCD the borrowed time benefit.

PWShield was giving me:

  • 6.2 Health / Mana
  • 4153 Health / Second

NOTE: Shield values were based on raid long useage, situation will greatly effect this.

Flash Heal, has an effective heal for me of 3,275 for 521 mana in 1.23 seconds (or 1 sec with borrowed time)

Flash was giving me:

  • 6.2 Health / Mana
  • 2662 Health / Second normally
  • 3274 Health / Second with borrowed time

The numbers are a lot coser than I expected.

So, that’s a lot of numbers.  The question really is, “What do I want to cast when there’s AoE damage coming in???

Given my average useage, I would say that all methods are roughly the same when it comes to mana efficiency.

PoH, even with me just averaging 3 targets, and even with me overhealing those 3 targets by 27%, was noticeably faster.  The speed increase was meaningful for Shield (25% ish), and huge for Flash (PoH is twice as fast).

So, I think that PoH is here to stay, at least in my arsenal.

World of Logs + Excel = the Awesome

The BIG problem I’m running into right now is that all of these logging services are reporting the number of times PoH, PoM, Penance, etc are HITTING a target for more than 0 dmg.

Well, that’s not helpful when I want to run some real HPS or HPM numbers.

One PoH could hit 0-10 targets (if you count pets).  If two party members are dead, it will only ‘hit’ 3 … but if the group is alive and there’s a pet, it will hit 6!


It’s letting me directly query my log, there is a GUI but the generated query I’m working with right now is

[{"spellNames": ["Prayer of Healing"], “eventTypes”: [3, 6], “sourceNames”: ["Anki"]}]

You can try it yourself Here.  Caps Matters!  ‘anki’ will get you nothing, you need ‘Anki’.  Same for spells.  Use copy/paste butons to play with the raw query line.

More to come as I start to analyze using the default reports in World of Logs and also the query.

As a quick aside, why do I think this is important?

Well, I think it’s important to see the numbers for how your spells are actually working for.  Theorycrafting is all well and good, but if you overheal 80% of your Penance or PoH, it changes the numbers radically!  And, it should change my behaviour radically to match!

Ohhhh … World of Logs?

Saw Matticus’s twitter on World of Logs, so I uploaded the same log I sent to WoW Meter Online to it

Impressive … most impressive…

Overall Healing:

My Healing: