10 Man Ulduar, with New Mods!

Did my first 10 man Ulduar (WoW Meter Online stats here), and I had some new toys to test.

I read BobTurkey’s blog entry on Power Aura’s Classic and, halle … hallelu … how the heck do you spell that … Yippee!  There we go.  Anyway.  It’s exactly what I was looking for to nudge myself to PoM more.

I plan to test out VuhDo that I think Matticus mentioned in an earlier blog when I get the chance, but one mod at a time.

Going to re-join my holiday weekend, already in progress:

  • Fri=Dinner with the GF and some relatives to celebrate her Master’s thesis completion
  • Sat=Changeling LARP
  • Sun=Celebration of friend’s 12th wedding anniversary.  Wedding photos prove that I used to be thin.
  • Mon=Party to celebrate GF’s Master’s thesis


#1 BobTurkey on 05.24.09 at 10:57 pm

Glad you enjoyed.

“Prayer of Mending Tracker” addon might be of interest also. Might not though.

Vuhdo looks interesting and is gaining popularity. I’d be interested to know what youthink.

Gobble gobble.

#2 AnkiOfDraka on 05.25.09 at 6:09 am

I have had PoM tracker in the past, but I found that, for some reason, I visually tune it out. I’m not certain why. /powa, however, let me really fine-tune the visual effects of the reminders, so whilst my penance reminder is 10% size and has no visual effect, my PoM reminder is 20% and pulses and makes a sound. Very cool stuff.

I’ll defintiely be posting on VuhDo soon, it’ll be a tougher sell for me though, as I’ve really customized my Grid & clique setup. I won’t miss cilque at all, but some of the Grid addons (tracking ‘my hots’ on my druid, or the raid debuffs specific to ulduar like ‘hot pocket’ or ‘being smooshed by kologarn’) are things I’m not sure I can do without.