Oh, so I’m reaching for a movie quote in the title.

What I really want is my credit for the 3% raid damaged blocked by my Renewed Hope!

Let’s first assume that I keep this effect up, because, seriously, I cast PWShield quite a bit more often than every 20 sec.  So it’s up if I am.

Some quick math based on the ‘Damage Taken’, I can make a rough estimate that my Renwed Hope 3% damage reduction prevented 2 million damage.

Say it with me … with the doctor evil accent … two … million damage.

2 mil damage unaccounted for raises my effective healing to around 11 million damage.

That’s a significant amount of ‘healing’, it’s 100% efficient and basically costs me nothing.

More importantly, as it serves to fan my ego, this puts my effective healing somewhere around 15%, keeping pace with my paladin cousins.

So, Disc Believers, don’t forget to factor in your Renewed Hope ‘effective healing’ when you look at your numbers.  It can be quite significant!


#1 BobTurkey on 05.24.09 at 4:31 pm

Yeah that 3% passive reduction adds up to a lot. Especially in 25 man.

#2 I STILL Want my Two Dollars! — Recounterpoint on 06.10.09 at 6:15 am

[...] I may have to mail something over to World of Logs to see if they are considering calculating Renewed Hope prevention, as I noted in my post here. [...]