Ahh, the holy grail is in sight!

I’m extremely excited about WoW Meter Online.  I uploaded my combatlog (same way you do with WWS), and I’ve taken a few moments to look at the data.  I’m extremely pleased with how they’re reporting Shield and Aegis.  I choose to assume these numbers are reasonably accurate, largely because it pleases me to do so.

I’ve also downloaded the Recount prevention addon mentioned in an earlier post where I linked to … I think Matticus’ site?  I have yet to try that but I hope that it will give me some good on-the-fly numbers to help me adjust mid-raid.

Some of the data I’m definitely suprised by…

Our Druid, who is extremely talented, does roughly the same HPS as I do, he’s just vastly more efficient, with far less overhealng.  That may simply be the nature of HoT’s, but it’s worth looking at.

My overhealing is a bit ‘better’ than my Paladin ‘cousins’, but their HPS is much higher.

The question is, how do I become more efficient?

I’ve been entirely ignoring renew, I don’t even have it keybound anymore.  Is that wise?  I’m not so sure anymore.  Theorycrafting and then Live Testing to follow.

Oh, and I need to cast PoM more.  Will need to look into a mod to nudge me when my cooldowns finish in general.


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