Why all this math, then?

If I agree with those linked posts, why am I doing all of this math?

Well, apples to oranges is what recount really gives you, the way a lot of people use it.  That’s the problem I have with Recount.  (well, ok, ONE of the problems).  If anyone is looking at my recount effective healing and comparing my Disc Priest to it’s closest cousin (IMO), a Holy Paladin, they’re going to need to do some math to even get close to a fair comparison.

So, here are a few reasons that you WILL want to look at ‘the meters’

  1. Effective Healing and Theorycrafted Healing can be wildly different things.  If I see my HpM for Penance lower than my HpM of Flash Heal, I may want to look into why.
  2. No matter whether or not it’s a good idea, some people are going to judge you by your effective healing.  You do have options here:
    1. Show them some math to help them factor in your mitigation. (i.e. I should add X% to account for PWShield and Aegis)
    2. If educating them fails, Learn how to pad your numbers!

Now, some folks are going to poo-poo point 2.2 … padding your numbers.  Well … some people you just can’t educate.  Sometimes you just need to appease the morons.

Sure, if the boss is beat, everybody wins, regardless of numbers.

But I would argue that you should look at your Raid Seat the same way.  If you get to keep your seat, by padding your numbers, guess what … you’re still in Ulduar.

Thankfully, for me, the people I need to ‘impress’ in my guild aren’t morons.  But I’ll be trying to include info on padding your numbers for those of you with nitwit RL’s/CL’s/etc.

And, of course, I’ll also be focusing on that elusive bridge between theorycrafted numbers and what actually happens inside the instance.

That being said, tonight will be my first night evaluating my raid experience with WWS!  I’m definitely excited! :)


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