PoH Theorycrafting

Comments from Tsark have me taking a look at PoH and HPS numbers.  Since the servers are down I can’t run my faceplant testing, I’ll focus on PoH a bit over lunch.  HPS review once the servers come back up, and then I’ll be planning some testing to do tonight in Ulduar.

Factors that effect PoH:

Talents and Gear that all Priests are likely to have (or can get):

Talents and Gear that Disc Priests enjoy exclusively:

And, sadly some Talents we miss out on that are in Holy:

  • Holy Reach for bigger Radius
  • Spiritual Guidance for more SP
  • Spiritual Healing for +10% healing
  • Serendipity for up to 36% spell haste
  • Test of Faith for potentially +12% healing
  • Divine Providince for +10% healing

So … yeah we have a few factors that will effect PoH.

Net effect (if you count HoT’s and Divine Aegis as ‘healing’), assuming you’re using it Glyphed:

Disc Priests:

  • +18% Crit Rate (+43% with Inner Focus)
  • +24% Healing (+54% on a Crit)
  • +6% Haste (+31% after a Shield)

Holy Priests:

  • +15% Crit Rate (+40% with Inner Focus)
  • +40% Healing (+52% if below 50%)
  • +0% to +36% haste after 0-3 Flash Heals

So, PoH is much less ‘Holy Oriented’ than I’d thought.  Disc finds it easier to haste-up it’s long cast time, helps it crit a bit more, and then gains more when it does crit.

I had assumed that the Holy Priest in my guild would have a significantly higher base crit than I … nope, his 14.74% to my 14.57%

I’ll definitely be doing some PoH testing.  (how many targets I’ll be able to regularly hit will be a BIG factor).

I’ll also be using a modified version of tsark’s macro:
#showtooltip Prayer of Healing
/cast Inner Fire
/cast Berserking
/cast Prayer of Healing

I have a similar one for Penance that I use when the tank takes a big dip in health suddenly.


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