Shield vs Flash Heal vs Penance Theorycrafting

Recent review of my single target effective healing leads me to review these three spells.

I’m doing some somewhat less than scientific testing where I buffed myself (flask of the frost wyrm, firecracker salmon, and Inner Fire) and repeatedly hurled myself off of my flying carpet a few stories up at the landing pad in Dalaran.  Oddly enough nobody seemed supprised to see me repeatedly faceplanting.  Perhaps they’ve met me before.

Anyway, my +Healing was 2780.  Here’s my math (Excel Time!), where I get the numbers I EXPECT for efficiency:

  • Penance: 9900 Healing for 618 mana, 0.06 Mana/Health
  • Flash: 4150 Healing for 521 mana, 0.12 Mana/Health
  • Shield: 1313 Glyph Healing for 666 mana, 0.50 Mana/Health OR 0.08 Mana/Health assuming full prevention from the shield

So, for Penance to be less effective healing per mana than flash heal, I need to be doing some serious overhealing with it.  In fact a majority of my penance healing must’ve been overhealing.

Lesson learned?  Don’t fire off Penance just because it’s cooldown is up.

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