Raid Healing - AE Theorycrafting of rolling PWShield vs just casting PoH

Using WoWWiki to snag some good data on PoH and PWShield.

Doing some Faceplant Testing here, in addition to use of actual math (Faceplant testing is where I mount my flying carpet, fly up a few stories, and then plummet to the pavement below.  Then I heal myself.  Repeat as needed.)

PoH Items of note:

  • Way to go WoWWiki, this is a good combo with Inner Focus.  I need to use Inner Focus more anyway.
  • And, of course, with the longer casting time this spell gains good benefit from Borrowed Time after a PWShield cast.
  • Groups with pets could see bigger ‘returns’ as it heals group members + pets.
  • To further complicate things, there’s a Glyph, though I don’t use said glyph, and can’t imagine using it as Disc.
  • Each target will be healed 2091-2209 +42.85% of your +Healing.
  • As my +Heal is 2780, this would be an average of 3341.23.  Faceplant testing puts it at 4300.  Will have to revisit that later.  Using Faceplant Testing Value for now.
  • Cost is 1854 Mana


  • The math, with all my talents, to figure out sheild value is obnoxious.  Faceplant testing puts mine at a 6500 shield + 1300 pt heal for 7800 total.
  • Cost is 666 Mana with my talent set.  Evil.

So, let’s assume that both spells are used to their fullest.  PoH will heal all 5 targets, and PWShield will prevent the full value of it’s shield before expiration.

PWShield is 0.085 Mana per Health.

PoH is 0.086 Mana per Health.

So, they’re pretty even.

If I think PWShield is going to absorb, I’ll go with that.

Now … from other testing, I’ve got Penance at 0.06 M/H, and Flash at 0.12 M/H…

PoH goes to 0.11 H/M at 4 targets, 0.14 at 3 targets, 0.22 at 2 targets, and 0.43 at 1 target.

So, assuming no more damage is incoming right away (because I’d just shield away)…

  • Assuming I can hit a full group of 5, PoH looks like a great heal (Assuming someone doesn’t heal any group members to full during it’s 2+ sec cast)
  • Assuming I can hit 4 people in the group … eh, Flash Heal is slightly more efficient.  PoH does get it done almost twice as Fast though…
  • Assuming I can hit 3 people in the group … I may as well just switch to Flash Heal at this point.  IMO anyway.
  • And Assuming I can hit 2 people in the group … forget about it, it’s Flash Heal time.


#1 Tsark on 05.12.09 at 2:25 am

What I don’t get is why you’re so concerned about mana efficiency - is that really your limiting factor when healing? Personally, I hardly ever finish a boss fight with less than 50% mana - obvious exception is Vezax, but of course that’s the whole point of that fight.

My main limiting factor, in terms of healing more, is GCDs/cast times - so HPS, rather than HPM. If you do those calculations, you will see that PoH is stunningly good, as of course are PoM and penance, with Flash Heal a good last. Divine Hymn is great too, but with a 10 mins CD I get to use it once per fight only.

For the same reason, I find the PoH glyph too good to be true - anything that allows me to add heals to anything I’m already casting is good in my book, especially an HoT which keeps ticking and covers additional damage (Mimiron p2 is, once again, the perfect example here). Honestly, after the Penance and Shield glyph, the only other alternative is the Fheal one - and what does that do? Saves me mana! Right, the one commodity I can easily do without, now….

#2 AnkiOfDraka on 05.12.09 at 5:12 am

Interesting, I’ll definitely give that some consideration and testing.

I’ve got a scribe so in theory I could just make a bunch of Flash & PoH glyphs and swap and test. 2pc T8 bonus, Forethought Talisman, and Glyph of PoH could be interesting. Especially if I’m conscious of Borrowed Time and Inner Focus.

#3 Tsark on 05.12.09 at 6:54 am

Sorry - one more thing I remembered: you may want to macro your Inner Focus use with PoH and Divine Hymn. This is very easy to do since IF doesn’t trigger GCD. A simple:

#showtooltip Prayer of Healing
/cast Inner Fire
/cast Prayer of Healing

macro would do - you can get fancier and add a lot of code after /cast Inner Fire to avoid getting “The spell is not ready” error messages, but that requires more code than I know off the top of my head (I may post a better version later on, if I remember).