How to Livestream

Ok, a quick few words on Livestream.

This is where I live-broadcast my guild’s raids. I chose livestream because, unlike UStream, which I tried first, Livestream has a downloadable client called Procaster. For Video, Procaster will let you broadcast a webcam OR your Desktop OR an application. For Audio, you can tie it into a mic or, as I find more useful, into your desktop audio.

I use Desktop, because you can zoom in and only show part of your application … so I only broadcast part of my WoW client, all of my UI elements are pushed off to the sides or bottom, so in my newer videos you won’t see my UI.

Now, that’s just the live broadcasting. I also make extensive use of LiveStream’s “Studio”, where I can record anything I’m streaming for future broadcasts. Forget that old silly screenshot of your guild standing over Yogg’s dumb dead head, you can embed a video of your Yogg kill on your homepage.

Now, mind you, the recording can be a bit … flaky. I tend to restart procaster any time I want to start recording (it will start recording automatically upon a broadcast start).

I’m happy to take questions, but that’s my general thoughts on why I chose Livestream and how I use it.


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