I’ve been busy with lately. Hoping to get videos up of every boss my guild is currently killing. I’m enjoying broadcasting the live raids for those folks in the guild who get stuck on the bench. Post to follow on how to do that for your guild. Hint: It’s REALLY easy.

With 3.2 I’ve been trying to figure out how I want to rank my gear. I’ve been using a modified version of BobTurkey’s scale. Post on that to follow, with links to Bob’s original work.

I’ve also been working on my ShadowPriest DPS spec. My guild has another Disc priest now who’s VERY good, and I’m finding it very easy to raid with two disc priests in 25 man (hint: we split up the groups for who shields what). We’re even doing 5mans together a lot, though I go shadow for that (I”m shadow/disc and he’s holy/disc). Post on THAT to follow. Gear wise i’m using formulas from, links and post to follow.

In non-priestly news I’ve also been doing some work with my Resto/Balance dual specced Druid. Maybe posts on that later. Not sure.


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