PoM Madness?????

Ok, so I’ve been using the cool /powa mod to remind me to cast PoM…

And I was looking at my stats on Word of Logs…

Specifically the log parsing…

I cast PoM 249 times … and it went off on 251 targets …

… I’m averaging 1 heal from each PoM I cast.

And I’m casting it on tanks, 228 of my 249 castings were on a tank.  And with a 3o second duration, I’d like to think that the tank should get hit in that time.

Average effective heal value was 3150.

H/M with those numbers is 6.1, and H/S is 2560.  And that’s pathetic, I get better numbers out of Flash Heal!

What the heck is going on here???


#1 BobTurkey on 05.31.09 at 4:04 pm

Perhaps you are recasting it when its not required. It doen’t need to be refreshed on every cool down.

I tend to recast it mainly when it expires or is near to expiring, or for extra throughput when tank healing.

#2 AnkiOfDraka on 05.31.09 at 4:14 pm

Very interesting, I was really assuming that it’d be used up by the time the CD rolled around. I may need PoM tarcker back to sit next to the /powa notification…

#3 Kaidel on 06.05.09 at 10:27 am

My main used to be a holy priest, and I’m only now reaching 80 with him and haven’t healed since BC, but I seem to recall back then that only the first PoM frisbee was credited to the priest… the next ones end up as healing to the person who had the frisbee. This may have changed and may be tracked correctly, or it may be what you’re actually noticing now. *shrug*

Did you parse the log manually to see if it was going to others?

#4 AnkiOfDraka on 06.05.09 at 1:40 pm

I used the queries inside of World of Logs to Parse the logs manually.

It was actually pretty cool, I set it to filter down to just log entries that were me casting or it going off.

Extra jumps did show up inside the combat logs.

Most of the log went something like
Anki casts on tank
PoM heals the Tank
Anki casts on tank
PoM heals the Tank
Anki casts on tank
PoM heals the Tank

Though there were sections (like tantrums with XT-002) where you’d see great uses of PoM, where it made all it’s bounces.

#5 BobTurkey on 06.09.09 at 3:21 pm

Once the initial pull is over i tend to PoM as a instant heal of sorts rather than maintaining it preemptively on my assignment all the time.

I only renew PoM on CD when there is heavy AoE going on (e.g. Mimiron phase 2).

@Kaidel - all healing threat for PoM goes to the priest now.

Gobble gobble.

#6 AnkiOfDraka on 06.09.09 at 4:29 pm

I’ll have to give that a try tonight, ty! :)