PoH vs PW:Shield vs Flash, Actual Use Numbers

Ok, so I used the log browser in World of Logs to snag me just my PoH data, and verified/combined it with the normal WoL screens.  Here’s some quick data:

  • 80 Casts
  • 373 ‘Hits’ (140 were Crits, 233 were normal hits)
  • Average 4.66 ‘Hits’ per cast
    • Average heal per ‘Hit’ was 2576
      • 2307 for 233 normal hits
      • 3023 for 140 crits
    • 1.7 ‘Hits’ were for 0 … total overheal
    • 2.9 ‘Hits’ did some actual healing
      • 4142 Average heal for the people I did NOT completely overheal
      • 1571 Average Overheal for the people I did NOT completely overheal
      • So, 73% of my healing on targets that were damaged was effective
    • In contrast, 45% of my healing on all ‘Hit’ targets was effective
  • 1854 Mana/Cast
  • 2.45 Sec/Cast with normal haste
  • 1.96 S/C with Borrowed Time

SO, on average, I would hit 3 targets for 4,150 apice, for a total heal of almost 12,500 (I am rounding quite a bit for ease of math) each time I cast PoH.

PoH then was giving me

  • 6.7 Health / Mana
  • 5081 Health / Second normally
  • 6352 Health / Second when using Borrowed Time

Now, PWShield (using Shield + Glyph averages) has an effective Heal+Prevention of 4153.  Cost is a demonic 666 mana, cast time can be assumed as 1 sec since it always gives it’s GCD the borrowed time benefit.

PWShield was giving me:

  • 6.2 Health / Mana
  • 4153 Health / Second

NOTE: Shield values were based on raid long useage, situation will greatly effect this.

Flash Heal, has an effective heal for me of 3,275 for 521 mana in 1.23 seconds (or 1 sec with borrowed time)

Flash was giving me:

  • 6.2 Health / Mana
  • 2662 Health / Second normally
  • 3274 Health / Second with borrowed time

The numbers are a lot coser than I expected.

So, that’s a lot of numbers.  The question really is, “What do I want to cast when there’s AoE damage coming in???

Given my average useage, I would say that all methods are roughly the same when it comes to mana efficiency.

PoH, even with me just averaging 3 targets, and even with me overhealing those 3 targets by 27%, was noticeably faster.  The speed increase was meaningful for Shield (25% ish), and huge for Flash (PoH is twice as fast).

So, I think that PoH is here to stay, at least in my arsenal.


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