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Anki is now viewable on Livestream here

I’ve got 2 on-demand shows, some 5 mans I did today.  Sound was messed up, I set it to Mic instead of desktop sound.

Otherwise, I’m preferring this vastly to UStream.

Stupid Troll Tricks

Just realized I did something that I haven’t mentioned here.

Any time I lay down a fish feast I plant my “Sen’jin Banner” from the Jousting Tourney in it.

Do do, de do do ... BannerFish ... do do do do ... theBannerFish!

Do do, de do do ... BannerFish ... do do do do ... theBannerFish!

I’ve found it helps people locate the fish feast.  Plus it has some Troll Style to it.

I used to use smoke flares but, well, the banner has infinite uses…


Ok, so I was posting on WoMatticus and I finally get my luddite butt to check out how people customize their avatars in comments.


Perhaps I’m easily impressed, but … um … I’m impressed.

Easy to set up. So I’ve created a new admin user on my site and connected it to my gravitar.

New Hardware

My laser G7 mouse konked out recently.  Though I love how it handles it’s power, with swappable rechargable battery packs that can be swapped mid-boss without too much downtime, as they age (about 2 years on average) I’ve found they got flakey.  They’d stop working for a few seconds at a time, which just drove me crazy.

So I decided to switch to a wired mouse.  BUT I wanted to put my hands on them before I bought one.  I called Staples, Gamestop and Best Buy and only Best Buy had a good selection.

My finalists:

Sadly the G9x, my front runner was out of stock, and I won’t spend $100 on on a mouse without touching it first.  The G5 was fine but didn’t really jump out at me.  The WoW mouse just felt like I wouldn’t be able to hit all the extra buttons I was paying for.

In the end I settled on the Death Adder as it fit my hand well and had an extra thumb button that I’m putting to good use.  I’ll post my button setup later.