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Strangest mod I Wouldn’t Want to do Without

My random Title capitolization Mod.

No, Seriously, it’s …

WiM - WoW Instant Messenger

Wait ... was that GJ to piloting my vehicle well or GJ to me autlooting like a noob?

Wait ... was that GJ to piloting my vehicle well or GJ to me autlooting like a noob?

I will miss your tell if I don’t have this mod on.  Period.

And that was BEFORE I started using it.

It plays a sound when I get a new IM, it keeps each person’s tells in it’s own little window, and it minimizes those windows in combat.

I loves it.


My UI … definitely ‘nosock’ :)

I subscribe to Matticus’s NoStockUI and I always love seeing folks UI’s.  So here’s mine…

Behold ... A screenshot edited in Paint!

Behold ... A screenshot edited in Paint!

Ok, and here are my markups:

  1. Deadly Boss Mod Bars.  Note that I placed them at the top of the screen, that way I can’t watch them easily.  This is dumb.  I just need to find a better place…
  2. Deadly Boss Mods notifications … placement is better, I actually see these sometimes.  Plus I don’t know how to move them.
  3. Elkano’s Buffbars.  Yes, there are 5… The 3 on the left are Raid Buffs (icon only), Everything not specified in another list goes to the right of that with bars and names, and the red are debuffs.  Note also that debuffs are far to the left so I can’t watch them.  Also dumb.  Self buffs and flasks and food are nicely located futher towards center, and then crucial buffs (like Borrowed Time) are almost dead center.
  4. Deadly Boss Mods again, boss health window.  Handy.
  5. Vuh’Do … smaller bars are the raid, bigger are the tanks.  I really dig this layout.
  6. Power Auras.  Reminding me when my cooldowns are available.  Notice that PoM notification is huge.  This may have been a bit overzealous…  I do love Power Auras though, and I’ve barely scratched the surface.
  7. Bartender bars.  How I love them.  Bar 1 being on the far left?  Dumb.  Lots of fun in vehicles.
  8. X-Perl UnitFrames.  I use target of target of target a lot.  Focus is not showing, but it’d be near the target frame. Slightly above it.  I do like the placing of these.
  9. Recount.  I usually keep it minimized because it makes me look bad. See the white bar down at the bottom?  That’s me.  Note: It doesn’t take ANY prevention into account. Boo!
  10. Carbonite.  I didn’t know this existed until it became free.  I used to use Questhelper.  I prefer Carbonite.

My chat windows at the bottom. Left is general crap, center is group, raid, guild, tells.  I’ve told Healer chat to go in there as well but IT WONT, WAHH.  Right is combatlog.

I do use WiM for tells but it isn’t showing up here.

I do Vuh’Do

And I think that you should do vuh’do too.  If Vuh’do is new to you, don’t be blue, we can teach you.

Enough of that.

Like grid, it’s taking a bit of configuring to get it doing what I want, but I’m finding that it handles by itself what I was using Grid with like 7 grid addons + clique to do.

Used it for tonigt’s Ulduar (http://www.wowmeteronline.com//combat/log/707406) and I was pleased.  Further analysis when it’s not after midnight.  I’ve got a big meeting tomorrow.

10 Man Ulduar, with New Mods!

Did my first 10 man Ulduar (WoW Meter Online stats here), and I had some new toys to test.

I read BobTurkey’s blog entry on Power Aura’s Classic and, halle … hallelu … how the heck do you spell that … Yippee!  There we go.  Anyway.  It’s exactly what I was looking for to nudge myself to PoM more.

I plan to test out VuhDo that I think Matticus mentioned in an earlier blog when I get the chance, but one mod at a time.

Going to re-join my holiday weekend, already in progress:

  • Fri=Dinner with the GF and some relatives to celebrate her Master’s thesis completion
  • Sat=Changeling LARP
  • Sun=Celebration of friend’s 12th wedding anniversary.  Wedding photos prove that I used to be thin.
  • Mon=Party to celebrate GF’s Master’s thesis