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Ahh, the holy grail is in sight!

I’m extremely excited about WoW Meter Online.  I uploaded my combatlog (same way you do with WWS), and I’ve taken a few moments to look at the data.  I’m extremely pleased with how they’re reporting Shield and Aegis.  I choose to assume these numbers are reasonably accurate, largely because it pleases me to do so.

I’ve also downloaded the Recount prevention addon mentioned in an earlier post where I linked to … I think Matticus’ site?  I have yet to try that but I hope that it will give me some good on-the-fly numbers to help me adjust mid-raid.

Some of the data I’m definitely suprised by…

Our Druid, who is extremely talented, does roughly the same HPS as I do, he’s just vastly more efficient, with far less overhealng.  That may simply be the nature of HoT’s, but it’s worth looking at.

My overhealing is a bit ‘better’ than my Paladin ‘cousins’, but their HPS is much higher.

The question is, how do I become more efficient?

I’ve been entirely ignoring renew, I don’t even have it keybound anymore.  Is that wise?  I’m not so sure anymore.  Theorycrafting and then Live Testing to follow.

Oh, and I need to cast PoM more.  Will need to look into a mod to nudge me when my cooldowns finish in general.

WoW Meter Online, upload #1

Successful Attempts Only (you can upload unsuccessful attempts too, i’m just short on time)


And my stats in particular for all bosses




Great article on tools for evaluating Discipline Priests!

Why all this math, then?

If I agree with those linked posts, why am I doing all of this math?

Well, apples to oranges is what recount really gives you, the way a lot of people use it.  That’s the problem I have with Recount.  (well, ok, ONE of the problems).  If anyone is looking at my recount effective healing and comparing my Disc Priest to it’s closest cousin (IMO), a Holy Paladin, they’re going to need to do some math to even get close to a fair comparison.

So, here are a few reasons that you WILL want to look at ‘the meters’

  1. Effective Healing and Theorycrafted Healing can be wildly different things.  If I see my HpM for Penance lower than my HpM of Flash Heal, I may want to look into why.
  2. No matter whether or not it’s a good idea, some people are going to judge you by your effective healing.  You do have options here:
    1. Show them some math to help them factor in your mitigation. (i.e. I should add X% to account for PWShield and Aegis)
    2. If educating them fails, Learn how to pad your numbers!

Now, some folks are going to poo-poo point 2.2 … padding your numbers.  Well … some people you just can’t educate.  Sometimes you just need to appease the morons.

Sure, if the boss is beat, everybody wins, regardless of numbers.

But I would argue that you should look at your Raid Seat the same way.  If you get to keep your seat, by padding your numbers, guess what … you’re still in Ulduar.

Thankfully, for me, the people I need to ‘impress’ in my guild aren’t morons.  But I’ll be trying to include info on padding your numbers for those of you with nitwit RL’s/CL’s/etc.

And, of course, I’ll also be focusing on that elusive bridge between theorycrafted numbers and what actually happens inside the instance.

That being said, tonight will be my first night evaluating my raid experience with WWS!  I’m definitely excited! :)

WWS to the rescue … maybe?

Recount finally pushed my button one too many times, and I broke down and did my research on http://wowwebstats.com/

As far as I can see the steps are

  1. Enter Ulduar
  2. Type /combatlog
  3. Dispense healing awesomeness
  4. Type /combatlog
  5. Leave Ulduar
  6. Upload to WWS through their java client
  7. Evaluate data all kinds of cool ways
  8. Profit

Quick Musings on tonights’s testing

I wanted to check to see how my HpM changed.

I will definitely review HpS next, as tsarc was accurate that mana isn’t the limiter I thought it was.  (I only blew 2 pots the whole night, which is a good indicator that I have room to spare.  I did make consistent use of my shadowfiend and Hymn of Hope though).

Anyway, back to HpM, mostly just to see if I improved overhealing and made the most efficient use of my spells:  These numbers are in Mana spent per % of my effective healing done:

  • Penance - 3,502 (assuming my math is right it beat out shielding for efficiency?)
  • Shield - 27,408 (with full shielding 4,568)
  • Flash - 7,876
  • Binding - 14,502

This reinforces my notions that Penance rules if I’m more intelligent about overhealing, and taht Binding Heal stinks on toast.

Ulduar Final Numbers

Not sure I accomplished anywhere near everything I hoped to, but eh, it’s an ongoing process.

I did manage to fire off a Divine Hymn per boss fight once I realized I was completely failing to do that.  Used the macro that tsarc recommended, with my berserker addition.

Overall Numbers:

  • Penance
    3178 hit, 4556 crit
    22% - 374 count
    20% overheal - 271 overheal count
  • Binding Heal
    4030 hit, 5415 crit
    21% - 292 count
    19% overheal - 220 overheal count -
  • Flash Heal
    3673 hit, 4842 crit
    17% - 257 count
    31% overheal - 330 overheal count -
  • PoH
    3671 hit, 5049 crit
    14% - 206 Count
    20% overheal - 224 overheal count -
  • Glyph of PW Sheild
    1299 hit, 1923 crit
    13% - 535 count
    8.3% overheal - 309 overheal count -
  • PoM
    3378 hit, 4717 crit
    9.5% - 156 count
    1.4% overheal - 32 overheal count
  • Divine Hymn
    5352 hit, 6334 crit
    2.2% - 24 count
    0.2% overheal - 5 overheal count

Oh, and the overall portions of healing (only 5 healers tonight, we got up to Freya and ran out of time)

  • Holy Priest - 24.8%
  • Resto Druid - 18.3%
  • Holy Pally - 13.7%
  • Holy Pally - 12.8%
  • Disc Priest - 10.9%

Now, that only accounts for 80.5% of the healing.  So my ’share’ would be 16%.

If you separate out the single target vs ae healers (wich, of course, I will do because, let’s face it, it’s going to make me look better), I did pretty awesome.  The single target healers did 37.4% of the healing between the three of us, so my share would be 12.5%.

And, of course, if you separate out the Disc priests, I’ve got the highest healing done out of all of them.

Well, actually I should take my own advice and look for ways to improve, rather than finding ways to make recount say I’m a good healer. ;)

Recount and PoH

‘count’ means ‘targets healed for more than 0′

Which makes it pretty much useless info to me.


XT-002 some good testing

  • PoH - 29%, 41 ‘count’ - 36% overhealing
  • Binding - 20%, 27 count - 14.7% overhealing
  • Penance - 17%, 29 count - 17.5% overhealing
  • PWShield Glyph - 14.5%, 54 count - 7.6 overhealing
  • Flash - 10%, 16 count - 22% overhealing
  • PoM - 7.5%, 12 count (so much for watching that CD) - 2.3% overhealing

And what’d I forget to cast?  That’s right, Devine Hymn.


Testing in Ulduar

I was hoping to get some HPS theorycrafting in tonight but instead I’m doing some 5-mans to try to get the ‘crusader’ title.  Exhalted with Argent Crusade and I’m all done.

Either way, I’ll be watching my mana at the end of each fight/attempt in Ulduar tonight to see if mana is really the limiting factor like I’m treating it.  If not, HPS is going to become quite important to me.

Items I hope to test out tonight in Ulduar:

  1. Divine Hymn … Use it once per fight.  Even if it’s at a stupid time, at least it’ll help get me into the habit.  Macroed with Inner Focus.
  2. Speaking of cooldowns, make better use of PoM, PI, Berserking, Inner Focus.
  3. Penance, on the other hand, I want to really watch my overhealing on.
  4. PoH needs some serious testing, possibly glyphed, hopefully hasted with borrowed time.