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Reviewing the Overall/Thorim Numbers from 5/11/09

Ok, so I took the numbers from my Mimiron/Thorim attempts.

Busted out Excel, and added the following columns

  • Spell Name
  • % (it’s % of my effective healing that night)
  • # (number of casts that got me the aforementioned % that night)
  • Mana/Cast

I then calculated the following columns

  • %/Cast = % divided by # (so, What % of my overall effective healing was covered by each individual casting of that spell)
  • Mana/% = (Mana/Cast) divided by (%/Cast) … (How much mana did each % of my healing cost me using that spell)

I got the following numbers OVERALL.  Higher is worse (since it took me more mana to do the same % of my total healing)

  • Shield - 24,858 (note, if you add prevention, and assume it all prevention is effective, this value would be 4,143)
  • Flash - 6,138
  • PoM - 8,993 *
  • Penance - 9,201
  • Binding - 12,945
  • PoH - 22,512 *

I got the following numbers on the successful Thorim Fight:

  • Shield - 3130 (note, if you add prevention, and assume it all prevention is effective, this value would be 522)
  • Flash - 816
  • PoM - 989 *
  • Penance - 1116
  • Binding - 1564
  • PoH - 3090 *

* NOTE: PoH and PoM numbers need to be researched.  When recount lists my PoH ‘count’ as 145, is that 145 casts?  145 targets hit?  145 targets hit for more than 0 healing?  I really can’t review PoH or PoM until I figure that out.  So we’ll have to ignore PoM/PoH for now.

Power Word: Shield: If I cast Shields when it’s going to get eaten up, Shielding is incredibly efficient.

Flash Heal: Wait … Flash Heal is coming up as more mana efficient than Penance?  Am I really overhealing THAT much with Penance?  This merits further review.

Penance: Again, further review is really needed, I’m stunned that this is coming up as less mana efficient in terms of effective healing.

Binding Heal: I had assumed Binding heal was more mana efficient.  Very interesting.  Must double check math/logic/preconcieved notions!


If these numbers bear out, I’m looking at making the following changes to single target healing.

  1. Shield when the target is likely to take damage.
  2. Flash heal otherwise
  3. Save Penance for times I can get full healing out of it (probably tanks at 60%  health, other below 40%)
  4. Save Binding Heals for emergencies (must save Me and PersonX RIGHT NOW)

Good Night, and Thanks for all the Fish.

16 Fish feasts (mine, apparently I was the only one with fish tonight) mean about 4 attempts on Thorim, 12 on Mimiron.

Got Mimiron to his Voltron phase, but raid exploded about 10 seconds in.  Violently.

Will review the numbers further when I get a chance, but final overall numbers (once we got our 7th healer in) put me at 9% of the “effective healing”.  If we assume (and this is a dangerous assumption, but entirely possible on Thorim/Mimiron) that my shields are always preventing their full amount of damage, I’d estimate my contribution to be closer to 13%.  As I’m shooting for 14% (with 7 healers), that’s not horrible.

I am not factoring Aegis of Shielding in these preliminary numbers, as they’ll serve to balance out the shields that didn’t get used (um, maybe?), but really because it’s midnight and I don’t want to do more math.  Further, Recount is showing me -Effective- healing on the PWShield Glyphs, meaning overheals aren’t shown, so it’s even HARDER to guess what my shields are preventing.

I’ll be looking into WWS to see if it’s a better alternative to tracking this data, because I’m really having a hard time accounting for Recount’s shortcomings on prevention.

Bah, anyway…

Overall spell distribution of ‘effective healing’ according to Recount was

  • 27% Penance in 402 casts
  • 23% Flash in 271 casts
  • 17% Binding in 211 casts
  • 14% PoH in 170 Casts
  • 8.6% PWShield Glyph in 321 casts
  • 8.4% PoM in 145 casts

A few things I’m noticing right away.  PoM casts seem low, I’m not trilled with that number.  If I can be as mindful of PoM as I am of Penance I should be able to put that number closer to 250.

PoH was much higher than I’d expected.  I need to run the numbers to see if that’s at all an efficient (health/mana or heals/sec) thing to be doing.

I’m extremely happy to see so much Penance, I mean that spell is just SUPER.

Thorim Down

Thorim Downed, here are some initial numbers

12% of the healing over 6 healers was mine.  Recount, flawed as it is, is not counting prevention from Aegis or PW Shield here (I’ll rant on this later).

Note: 16.6% (repeating, of course) would be my ’share’ for 6 healers.  What I ‘aim for’.

  • 21% holy priest
  • 17% resto druid
  • 15% paladin
  • 13% paladin
  • 12% me10% holy priest

Flat healing distribution for myself

  • 31% Penance in 56 casts
  • 30% Flash in 47 casts
  • 16% Binding in 24 casts
  • 10% Glyph of PW Shield in 47 casts
  • 10% PoM in 19 casts
  • 3% PoH in 5 casts

My Disc Priest has a first name, it’s A N K I

My Disc Priest has a second name, it’s … well that depends on the day … I likes me some titles.  I generally dig ‘the Hallowed’.  I’d go with ‘undying’ but … um … yeah I don’t have it.  We’ve got some rogues and shamen and a dps warrior or two that must have, oh, 300 or 400 health.  Between them.  Buffed.  Their DPS, however, is FANTASTIC.  But I digress…

I figure before we run any numbers I should explain what I’m running with.

How I roll, as it were.

Here’s my Armory Profile, nothing out of the ordinary, I don’t think.

I’m using a pretty Cookie Cutter Disc Build … then again, there’s not a ton of variation available, really.  I never really felt torn once they finished the tree changes for 3.1 …

Tailoring and JC are maxed, as is Cooking, Fishing and First Aid.  (though I have every other profession maxed somewhere on an alt, I also love tradeskills).

I use curse’s game client to download most of my mods, and then I just hit wowinterface for the few that aren’t on curse.

My mods from curse are: ArkInventory to manage my bag space, Bartender4 for my action bars, Clique and Grid (with GridIndicatorSideIcons, GridStatusHots and GridStatusRaidDebuff) for healing, Deadly Boss Mods for raid warnings, Mounted for a good mount macro (IT WORKS IN DALARAN, WOHOO), Outfitter to switch gear, Recount so I know how ‘badly’ I’m doing, SimpleChatMods to pretty up my chat UI, WIM so I don’t miss tells, and X-Perl UnitFrames and Elkano’s BuffBars to organize my screen a bit.

From Wowinterface I actually just snag Carbonite, which I discovered once it became free, and LightHeaded.

I use a Logitech G7 Laser Wireless mouse that’s about 2 years old and starting to fail (at some REALLY fun times), and a Saitek Eclipse Keyboard that once housed about a litre of  cola and then took a bath for a week in soapy water.  Ironically it works better than the mouse.

My rig is one I built myself with some fun stuff like a pair of SSD’s in RAID0.  I may get into hardware more later.  Plus the story of the soda in the keyboard.  Hilarity ensued.

My guild is up to Thorim in Ulduar, which we’re doing tonight.  We raid Tues, Thurs, Sunday, though I miss Tuesday as that’s Guy’s Night in Philly.  We play D&D.  I kid you not.  I’m a pretty standard issue geek.

Once the night is over, I hope to get you some numbers to digest.

I’m assigned to ‘the hallway’ for those that know the Thorim fight.  I’m with a resto druid and a holy paladin.

The Story Thus Far

It all started back in EQ, in college, over a decade ago.

I started playing with friends.  A Necromancer.  Necros soloed well … which was fantastic because there was no getting into a raid or group as one. :)

So when I started playing WoW years later, the choice was between a Tank and a Healer.

I ‘knew’ I wanted to play a Tauren, so I was deciding between a Druid and a Warrior.  My assumption with the Druid was that, like the Bard in EQ, it’d be a jack of all trades, master of none.  So I picked the Tauren Warrior (who now collects dust at 73).

I tanked for my guild, until my group of friends moved to another guild.  The new guild had all the tanks they needed for Molten Core (the end game zone at the time).

So, I send a tell to the new guild leader.  “What would be better for the guild, I could go DPS or offtank on my Warrior, or I could always take my 60 priest alt and heal.”

Amazingly enough I’m pretty sure I remember him telling me to play the priest before I finished typing.

Enter the switch to healing.

Love it.  LOVE.  Holy was all well and good but Discipline was what I really wanted to spec as.  For the longest time, however, it wasn’t really viable.  Not in raids.  I could dabble, sure, but it just never really put out the numbers that holy could.  Enter my hatred of Recount, and meters in general.

During the long wait for Litch King, as we farmed BT, Recruit-a-friend opened alts up to me a bit, so I’ve added a Resto Druid (now 80, dual specced resto/balance).  I have a Paladin (who will be Holy/Prot or Holy/Ret) and a Shaman (who will be Resto/Elemental) coming along nicely.  (though I hate outlands).

Yeah.  I have two healers and I intend to have four before 3.3 hits.

I … well I like healing.  A lot.

My priest, now in Ulduar, is dual specced Discipline / Holy, though I have yet to switch to holy … well anywhere.  I’m actually really enjoying Discipline.

However there’s still some stigma against Discipline, as a spec, and I have my sights set squarely on Recount as the reason.

And I’d really like to kick it’s butt.

Enter this blog.