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Guild Music Video?

Yog-Saron Kill

Data is in WorldOfLogs.

Video is on my LiveStream station


Anki is now viewable on Livestream here

I’ve got 2 on-demand shows, some 5 mans I did today.  Sound was messed up, I set it to Mic instead of desktop sound.

Otherwise, I’m preferring this vastly to UStream.

My Vuh’Do

A quick closeup on my Vuh’Do setup.

I’ve just really started using it so suggestions welcome


Wait .. the tanks are alive?

Blue is “Magic Debuff, please dispel”

Red is “OMG death inc”

Disease is some other color.

Little >>>name<<< is aggro

B___0 who’s one right from the the bottom left has my PoM … gray box on the bottom.

Top right corner is PWShield (yellow square) and Weakened Soul … WITH COUNTDOWN.

Loving not needing to use Clique.

Also there’s everybody’s mana bars so I can feel good about being mr Mana Management.